In accordance with GOST, low-pressure polyethylene PE 100 produced by PAO Kazanorgsintez brand PE2NT 11-9, SOCAR Polymer LLC brand HM 0359PE is used for the manufacture of gas pipelines, pressure water pipes, with minimum durability of MRS 10.0 Mpa. Low-pressure polyethylene PE 100 produced by PAO "Kazanorgsintez" brand PE2NT 11-9, LLC "SOCAR Polymer" brand HM 0359PE, PAO "SIBUR Holding" are used for manufacturing pressure-free water pipes, technical pipes, covers, cases. PE-RT type I and type II polyethylene produced by LG Chem, South Korea (brands SP 980, SP 988); Daelim, South Korea (brands XP 9000, XP 9020) is used for manufacturing pipes for heat supply.

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