9 – 26
Pipe of
16-400 mm

The products are manufactured in accordance with GOST R 58121.2 – 2018

Gas pipes are intended for the organization of underground pipelines. Gas pipelines, made of polyethylene, transport raw materials for both municipal and industrial use, respectively, they can be piped into almost any building or structure.

The lightness, strength and flexibility of polyethylene gas pipes allow them to be laid using trenchless technology. Gas pies are installed with one of the following methods: directional drilling, pricking, or pressing-through. Traditional trench pipe installation is also possible, while the use of narrow trenches is allowed. Thus, the simplicity and variability of installation methods favorably distinguishes polyethylene gas pipes from rigid pipes.

In accordance with GOST for producing pipes low pressure polyethylene with minimum durability of MRS 10,0 MPa (brand mark PE-100).

The service life is up to 50 years.

Pipes are made in straight sections and coils. The color of the pipes is black with yellow longitudinal marking strips in the amount of 4 pieces, evenly distributed around the circumference of the pipe.

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