from - 50 to + 95
16 – 225 mm
6; 7,4; 9; 11; 13,6; 17

The products are manufactured according to GOST 32415 – 2013

PE-RT pipe (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature resistance) is a new class of high temperature resistance polyethylene pipe for industrial or domestic purposes. Pipes, made of this polyethylene, are distinguished by increased plasticity, flexibility, inertia to chemical reagents, resistance to high internal temperature of the coolant. In addition, they are able to withstand repeated freezing of the liquid inside the pipe without breaking it.

Pipeline systems made of PE-RT can operate under pressure up to 10 bar at operating temperatures up to +85 °C, as well as with emergency temperatures up to +95 °C. At low temperatures, up to -50 ° C, the material retains significant plasticity and the ability to restore the shape after defrosting.

The main distinguishing feature of PERT polyethylene from cross-linked PEX polyethylene is that during installation, the connection of pipelines is carried out by welding using standard welding equipment, or using compression and press fittings. A small number of waste and pipe joints, due to the plasticity of the material and the long winding in the roll, also speak in favor of this material.

PE-RT pipes are divided into Type I and Type II. The main difference between the two types is that Type II withstands the working internal pressure of the liquid by 20-30% more than type I.

Pipes of small diameters (Ø16 - Ø63) are made of PE–RT type I. Application: hot water/HVAC, underfloor heating, melting systems. They are made in coils.

PE-RT type II pipes are mainly made of large diameters (Ø75 – Ø315), but can also be used for smaller diameters. Application: hot water/HVAC, non-insulated heating mains, insulated heating mains (in a PU shell), radiator heating, heat-resistant cable channels. They are made in coils up to Ø110 included and in straight segments from Ø160 and higher.

The service life is up to 100 years.

The color of the pipes is red or black with red longitudinal marking stripes in the amount of 4 pieces, evenly distributed around the circumference of the pipe.

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