6 – 41
Pipe of
20-400 mm

Pipes are manufactured in accordance with GOST 18599 – 2001.

In accordance with the technical conditions, the pipes are intended for the installation of water pipes for household and drinking needs. Pipelines can also be used to transport other liquids that are chemically neutral to polyethylene. PE-100 polyethylene is approved for use by health authorities. This brand of PE does not emit toxic substances, bacteria do not multiply on the inner surface of polyethylene pipes. The pipes have a high throughput due to the smoothness of the inner walls. During installation, polyethylene water pipes do not require protection and insulation. They are laid using trenchless technology or the traditional trench method.

The service life is up to 50 years.

Pipes are made in straight sections and coils. The color of the pipes is black with blue longitudinal marking stripes in the amount of 4 pieces, evenly distributed around the circumference of the pipe.

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